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December 6, 2017

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Flow Motion Shares Their "Killer Tracks"

June 30, 2017




Everyone has their go to playlist, their personal theme songs, their musical mantras that they go back to when it's time to get things done. For some, classical music inspires the brain, and others dig more of an electronic groove to get their ideas and brainstorms moving. Music and cinema go hand in hand, say for instance, the music of John Williams, without his iconic scores, Star Wars and Harry Potter would fall somewhat flat. Without Danny Elfman, there wouldn’t be the iconic music behind A Nightmare before Christmas, The Simpsons, or Good Will Hunting (to name just a few).


Music brings an extra element to film, and often that element is emotional. Movie soundtracks can influence the pop music charts, with many films hiring large big name pop stars to be featured on their soundtracks. Baz Luhrmann did that with Beyoncé and Lana del Rey on the The Great Gatsby soundtrack, James Foley with Taylor Swift and Zayn on the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack, and even the Dolly Parton written, Diana Ross cover of “I Will Always Love You” for the Kevin Costner starrer, The Bodyguard.


In the wake of seeing Director Edgar Wright's latest film Baby Driver (a musically charged car chase/comedy/romance that you should all rush to theaters to see), the Flow Motion Team was inspired to give an insight into the tunes that give them the inspiration to think and create amongst the ecstasy of great audio artitstry. 


Music drives creation, often inspiring and helping us focus in on writing, editing to certain beats, and even catching a rhythm while you're budgeting and scheduling and getting to the least glamorous parts of the media production process. At Flow Motion, music is not only an integral part of our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. Whether it is working with music artists to create a music video that best expresses their art, or editing, writing, or storyboarding, or whether it is on the bus or in the car, each of us at Flow Motion have our go to genres and playlists, certain things that work for our brains that get us into the zone.


Josh, (Director / Producer / Writer)

"I like Hawaiian music for any type of brainstorming. The surf rock and old school Elvis vibes make me feel like I’m on a beach when I listen to it! When it comes to post production stuff, I bounce a lot between jazz and classical music, depending on what I’m feeling that moment. I’ve been listening to DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar a lot, and Run the Jewels is my go to when I’m looking to get hyped up let out some energy."


Katelyn, (Producer, Coordinator)

"I listen to a lot of deep house stuff and ambient music at my office. What I’ve been listening to a lot recently is Washed Out and Toro y Moi. When I’m working from home I usually listen to the collection of vinyl that I have there. But, some of my favorites that help me stay motivated have been the Stranger Things’ soundtrack, M83, and Explosions in the Sky." 


Kyle, (Director / Writer / Project Manager)

"My music taste is pretty wide, all types of rock and big bassy rap music helps me get work done. Sometimes I need something more slow and soothing, though. I listen to a lot of film scores when needing to feel inspired, or sometimes I switch between some jazz or more folky music. Monster Rally, a producer who samples old tropical vinyl records and makes them into beats and arrangements is one of my absolute favorites. It really does feel like a soudntrack for some unknown movie every time I listen to it. Some assorted other tracks I like: T.I.B.W.F. by the Budos Band, Rolling Stone by Danny Brown, and Run Program: Sentionauts by Sinoia Caves (from the Beyond the Black Rainbow original score) are all on heavy rotation for me!"

Check out our music videos here.


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