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Flow Motion Media creates, produces, shoots, and edits music videos. Whether it's starting from scratch, or helping develop an already formed idea, Flow Motion will be there every step of the way.


Ajani Jones feat. Kweku Collins

"Block His Number"


Carly + Martina




Have an idea already? Let's bring it to the screen. Need an idea?

We can write and develop full music video treatments as well.


From storyboarding to location scouting, Flow Motion is able to make the production happen on paper as well as onscreen.


Let's get shooting! With our equipment, producers, directors, and cinematographers, Flow Motion can provide a production team for any type of music video.


With our in-house editors and colorists, Flow Motion will deliver a complete, professional music video.

Music Video Portfolio


Palmer Squares


Friends Like These

Miss Chiff

Tie Goes to

the Runner


(One-take Cypher)


The Palmer Squares




With Friends Like These



"Pick It Up"


Isn't It Always?


"Hot Balloon"


Miss Chiff


Miss Chiff



Tie Goes To The Runner


Tie Goes

"Lay Low"


Brother StarRace


"Brighter Days"(Acoustic)


"Brighter Days" (Acoustic)




Sleep On It




This Is Lorelei


"Movin' Up"


Miss Chiff x Sex The Rapper


"Drop it Leave it"


The Get Ups with the Get Downs


A live session with chicago's born and bred Funk band?

Oh, yes!  

 "Never Had Nothin'"


The Palmer Squares

Pass The Potion


The Palmer Squares


Term K and Acumental are at it again, potion-feuled and poetic as ever. Take the trip and pass it along... 

Palmer Squares

Artist: Pines Director: Aaron Palmer

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Artist: Gin War Director: Aaron Palmer Director of Photography: Nate Coleman

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Artist: Bruce Bayne Director: Josh Stone Director of Photography: Douglas Strathern

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